Access Control & Parking Guidance System - with the use of Lora Based IoT Devices

Lora - Long Range

LoRa: Long range, low power wireless platform is the prevailing technology choice for building IoT networks worldwide today.
Our range of IoT devices uses ESP-32 to communicate between then using either Lora, Wifi or Bluetooth.

Our Led Display Devices receive broadcast data from the IoT devices and publish in real time the Spot Availability.
The Number in the Display notify End User of the exact available number of parking spaces in each area of the operation.

IoT - a Connected World

Intelipark Network of Lora connected devices, with embedded Open Source Electronics, Firmware, and Sensors, connect and exchange data with each other and with a server in the Cloud going through the Ethereum BlockChain.
Data travels from the IGMC the main Sensor controller to a our IGHC Lora Based Hub Controller to be then broadcasted to the Led Display units and to the Blockchain Node.

Fee Based Service

There is a very low entry barrier since the tennant only pays for the service provided by the IoT devices and Intelipark Platform.
Tennant is insulated from Hardware obsolesence and software updates since they are included in the Montly fee.
A Platform as a service model is used but with the added value that the data of each tennant is Private key encripted and is only used and exploited with the shared benefit of the tennant.

Cryptocurrencies Service Payment

Our Dapp is equiped with a Cryptocurrency Wallet with micropayment capabilities.

It is capable of making Parking Service Payment using Cryptocurrency through the use of a smart contract

The Dapp connects natively and directly through Bluetooth to the IGMC it then recognize the user, an gets a command to open the barrier Gate.

An Smart Contract with the Facility Fee Structure is activated and a Virtual Smart Ticket is produced by the blockchain node pointing to the Dapp. Once the User exit the Facility the opening of
Barrier act as a command to charge the Dapp of the user for the Parking Service Fee thus settleling the Transaction.

SLA and Service Continuity Enforcement

At the start of the service a Smart Contract running on the IGLN Light Node Device binds together each IoT device with the Tennant and Intelipark Cryptocurrencies accounts and the payment of the service is based & enforced only if the data is validated by the Blockchain.

The Smart Contract act as a kind automatic SLA contract , enforcing continuity of service due to the fact that the platform service do not get paid unless data is flowing properly between devices.

Data Insight from Charts

An number of our sensing devices collect and/or generate various sensory data over time, deliver it to the our servers and is then charted to analyse for operational purpose and other needed applications.

Our devices will collect big or fast/real-time data streams. Applying analytics over such data streams we discover and deliver new information, predict future insights, and make control decisions and this is one of the crucial process that makes IoT a paradigm for businesses

End User Experience

High-quality parking experience through effective parking access control and guidance.

With the simple an intuitive use of a Dapp you can access, pay and exit a parking facility with no need going to pay station, or using Physical Currency .

The smart Contract will asure the Facility Tennant the payment of the Parking Fee and the end user will pay exactly the stated fee for the time spent inside the facility.

Reduce Traffic Search

Reduction of traffic searching for available parking space for the benefit of customers and the environment.

By placing in the proper areas of the parking infrastructure, Space Availability Led Display , the Operator will achieve reduction in traffic search , thus reducing traffic congestion inside the facility.

Space Management

Capacity and utilisation management down to each individual parking space.


Available Spot Seven Segment Led Display

From a fundamental perspective, the entire business model of parking space management derives from the limited space available for parking motor vehicles. The logic is simple and compelling: if there are more vehicles in search of a parking space than there is space available at any given time, there is a shortage. A driver searching for a space is under greater pressure to find one in spite of this shortage.
Guidance Systems

Guidance Systems


"Guidance to parking areas – starting on motorways and access roads – is often provided by elaborate traffic guidance systems set up by municipalities and local authorities.
For parking operators it is of utmost importance that the information exchange with these broad-based traffic guidance systems is reliable in terms of the actual parking space available as such systems provide an essential “sales channel” for the parking business.
The activation of signs and banners on the outside of parking facilities is important here, too.
Intelipark supports this function with a range of intelligent and extensive data interfaces – including the proactive display of free parking spaces on the internet.

Large Scale Segmented Facilities

Large Scale Segmented Facilities


There is an even greater need to provide clear and appropriate parking space guidance in the case of large-scale, segmented or multi-storey parking facilities – not just outside the facility but inside the actual parking management space itself.

This helps maintain the flow of traffic within the various parking areas and buildings by guiding customers as quickly as possible to a vacant space, and thus also helping reduce exhaust emissions and ventilation costs.

Intelligent Systems get you there faster

Intelligent Systems get you there faster


The task is a complex one, but thanks to the InteliGate IoT Led Display the solution is simple: with the appropriate internal parking guidance system, parking customers are guided as quickly as possible to the nearest areas with vacant spaces.
To this end, increasingly frequent use is made of individual space sensors and LED status displays with traffic light function.
The core benefit here is that this highly efficient space allocation system guides customers quickly, reliably and with great precision to the vacant spaces.

The effect is unmistakable: customers save time and are relaxed. This is what groundbreaking parking technology is all about.

From Entrance to Exit

From Entrance to Exit


An internal parking guidance system logically starts in the entry area.

Here vehicles are counted as they drive in. Induction loops in the road, cameras with counting algorithm, motion sensors are used to record and analyse the movements of vehicles as they pass back and forward in all lanes.

An intelligent firmware displays through long range wireless signals, guidance symbols in graphic form, according to the specific requirements of the project.

Special indication of parking spaces reserved for women or for the disabled can of course be incorporated in the guidance system if desired.

Modular in practice and unlimited in configuration

Modular in practice and unlimited in configuration

Flexible & Scalable

The guidance system realised with our devices offers parking operators a wide range of interactive options for ensuring optimum use of capacity and control of traffic flow.

What is more, displays or internal barriers can be used to separate off special reserved areas. Or parking search traffic can be directed to adjacent areas in off-peak periods so as to save operating costs (e.g. lighting) by closing off certain spaces.

In any case, parking search traffic is minimised by means of intelligent technological support and capacity usage increased.

Statistical Data Analisis

Statistical Data Analisis

Charts that are worth a thousand words

The space occupancy and movement data gathered by our IoT Devices and Sensors are used in conjunction with individual space data to generate highly acurate statistic analyses.

Broad and in-depth analyses, Charts and reports are generated to provide operators and managers with a more solid basis for decision-making so as to successfully optimise your parking facility performance as a whole.


Hardware & Software Components

InteliGate Led Display IoT

IGSD InteliGate Seven Segment Led Display IoT

This is the Parking Availability led Display that shows in real time the exact available spots in each area of the Parking Operation. 


IGHC InteliGate Hub Controller IoT


IGHC InteliGate Hub Controller IoT

YBlock B IoT

IGHC InteliGate Hub Controller IoT

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